Services offered

With a team of 22 people, established over an area of ​​nearly 5,000 m2, our company is able to provide services including administrative support for the establishment of compliance documents, a team of heavy-duty drivers holder of transport permits for dangerous materials, sorting personnel with training and licenses for the use of industrial tools, as well as experienced collaborators for technical dismantling.


Waste collection

RVM specializes in the collection of ordinary and special waste using “low weight” vehicles of less than 9 tonnes total loaded weight. Using poly-dumpster trucks and covered bridges equipped with lifting platforms, around sixty skips and compactors of all sizes, containers ranging from 120L to 770L capacity, plastic bins, metal bins and CFF pallets/frames , our company ensures optimum removals in all circumstances.


Waste sorting

Sorting and recovering waste requires know-how by qualified personnel, a suitable site duly authorized by the competent authority, appropriate equipment and logistical machines as well as a network of compliant outlets for the transport of waste. packaged in large quantities. Promoting short circuits, taking into account the carbon footprint by material, favoring reuse and the constitution of raw/secondary materials implies a constant commitment to adaptation and innovation.


Technical disassembly

Providing a team of professionals to carry out dismantling of industrial installations gives RVM the possibility of offering a wide range of services to satisfy the removal of equipment that has become obsolete. Bringing together know-how, coordination between stakeholders, implementation and compliance with safety measures during the intervention, and recovery of waste extracted from technical dismantling, our company is able to carry out a number of specific missions.

The OKbag® program

Using an aesthetic plastic gondola-type receptacle similar to those used for collecting PET or aluminum cans, each employee can slip their various waste into a single bag which will then be sent to a sorting facility. Thus, separation which is impossible internally will become so externally using specific technical equipment.