RVM, the company that recycles your waste


RVM Recycling Valorisation de Matières SA and founded in 1987, firmly anchored in the territory of Geneva, is active in collection and recycling services for institutions, public and semi-public bodies, industries and craftsmen in the canton, whether for recyclable materials, ordinary industrial waste or special waste.


a waste, a resource


Focused on customer support and satisfaction, our team is particularly sensitive to developments, special requests and new outlets for recycling materials. RVM thus proves from its creation that it has been able to follow its clients, support them in their development and be responsive to particular and specific requests.



On its Satigny site, RVM is certified and accredited by the legislator thanks to an authorization to operate a waste treatment installation. A member of the Recycleurs de Genève since 1987, signatory of the charter of commitments, our company is represented in the management functions of the association and is active alongside state services, Geneva municipalities and industrial services in the development of cantonal policy for the future of the region and for the preservation of resources, thus favoring short circuits and the principle of a circular economy.

The company

Our passion for service is evident at all stages of our waste management processes. Major private and state players have trusted us for more than thirty years. For the management of special, medical and hospital waste as well as overall waste management, to name a few areas.

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